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Fitness in Basingstoke, specialising in pre and post natal fitness

Based near Basingstoke in Hampshire I’ve been in the fitness industry for 14 years and working with pre and post natal women for the last 10.

Having had 3 children myself I am very aware of the effect that pregnancy and childbirth can have our bodies. Working with mums of all stages of life I can see just how disconnected we can get with our own bodies.

When I came across the wonderful Holistic Core Restore programme I knew this was the missing link to work along side my 1-2-1 fitness coaching. I love the “whole self” focus of HCR, it’s not just about exercises, it’s about healing and self-care, it’s about talking, listening and releasing. And the results can be life changing. There is nothing else out there like it.

I love being able to help women with their own fitness and wellness journeys. Not just during pregnancy and the post natal period but also way beyond.

I am proud to have trained and qualified with some of the best and most highly regarded training and education providers and I continue to do so.


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Don’t Suffer with C Section Scar Pain!

Guess what? Your recovery from C-Section and how your scar and surrounding tissue feels way into the Post Natal period is also part of your Pelvic Health and continence story.

Water, Water everywhere …

Let’s talk water…. Our body is 75% Water! Our brain is 85% Water! Fascinating, right?!? There are a lot of differing opinions on water. Everyone is different and has different needs.